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“WOW. I have worked with lots of photographers in my life, and this was BY FAR my favorite shoot. Tatem truly has a talent for capturing the intimacy and special moments of home-life…these are moments I never would have had on camera without her! I am so thrilled with the results and can’t wait for more in the future. HIGHLY recommend.” -Emily

“AMAZING EXPERIENCE with Tatem! First and foremost she is beyond sweet! She was extremely comfortable to be around and she made our candid family photo shoot the most enjoyable one yet. Then came the cherry on top when we received our photos back! They were some of the best pictures ever taken of us! I will definitely be using Spearman Studios again and again,  and highly recommend them to others.” -Ronda

“Absolutely beautiful photos in everyway! Tatem is so talented in so many different areas! She’s amazing at action shots, sexy shots, life milestones, kids, babies… she’s just talented in every way! Tatem has a way of capturing life in each still photo. She captures personality, like her photos are speaking to you. Her use of lighting is out of this world and darn near perfection! Hands down Tatem for all of your photo needs!!” -Lauren

“Such a great, fun experience. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Tatem twice and for vastly different projects. She has such a great personality and puts you at ease instantly. Her editing skills are phenomenal.” -Sonia

“Can’t recommend her enough!! Tatem is an incredible photographer. Her talent is through the roof, she has such a beautiful eye for capturing really unique moments! Her demeanor is calm and very natural. We felt very comfortable with her and I could not believe some of the moments she captured! I couldn’t print the pictures out fast enough to hang on my walls!” -Megan

“Tatem was fantastic during our session with 4 of our kids! Even my 2 year old loved the experience. She was kind and patient and made sure to get an abundance of shots. We couldn’t be happier with the finished pictures! There are so many!” -Sadie

“Tatem was amazing on our family shoot! She heard what I wanted and gave suggestions to make it great, but also gave us the space to be ourselves and get lots of amazing candid shots which was really what we were going for. I bought the whole gallery! Next time we want a family shoot she will 100% be the one I call.” -Melissa

“She is the most talented woman I have ever met. She will shoot in any location. I took my boys to her for a photo shoot a few weeks ago. Our original location was outside, but because it was so cold she brought us back to HER house to finish the photo shoot. Her patience level is incredible. Especially with my rambunctious 4 and 5 year old boys! I wish I found her sooner! Highly recommended. I have sent many friends her way already. With the hundreds of photos she takes you will not be disappointed! Great job Tatem!!!” -Ebony

“If you want an awesome experience with superb, professional grade pictures, hit up Tatem! Not only will you get the best quality pics, but you’ll have a rollicking good time doing it! She really does know what she’s doing and she’s really good at taking spontaneous pics that turn out better than anything you planned with her originally. Seriously, contact Tatem. You won’t regret it!” -Camron 

“I had so much fun when I came here the other day. I have been out of modeling for a couple of years and was a bit nervous about how well I’d do. However, they are some of the best pictures of me that I’ve seen. You’ll love it!!” -Anna

“A pleasure to work with. Tatem Spearman has extensive experience with setting up lighting on movies and tv shows and it shows in her photography. Lighting is easily the most important aspect of creating a great image, and she knows how to make it work in her favor.” -Robert

“Tatem is AWESOME!!! She has done our 1 year shoot for my Daughter and did our first outdoor family shoot this past fall. She is patient, intentional and has a beautiful eye. I thought our family shoot was complete chaos and a wash and she captured the BEST of us!” -Jessica

“Tatem is an awesome photographer, she’s taken tons of amazing martial arts photos as well as studio photos for me. Her creativity is out of this world!!” -Joanie

“Tatem is great! She really understands that proper lighting is key. She gave me plenty of unique looks for my headshots. Definitely worth the money!” -Robert

“Fantastic experience. Tatem is professional, fun, and easy to work with and makes everyone feel comfortable in front of her lens. She is also quick at getting you your photos back.” -Ashley 

“Could not be happier!! Tatem Spearman is not only incredibly talented and professional, but also insightful, helpful, and patient with all of our clothing and hair changes lol. Definitely recommend!” -Brytni 

“Not only a good photographer but goes the extra mile for the shot. My daughter loved working with her and looks forward to working with her again! Would definitely recommend her.” -Lana

“It was a lot of fun in addition to being a professional photo shoot. And, Tatem is such a perfectionist. This is the photographer who apologizes for one fuzzy photograph after snapping 200 plus outstanding ones. Bottom line I couldn’t be happier with the results of her work and we’ve already planned to do it again in 6 months.” -Michael

“Tatem was very efficient! She customized the studio lighting so it would work with my skin tone and hair… I definitely got more than my money’s worth! I got three costume changes in and tons of shots to choose from! Thank you Tatem!” -Marian

“Cannot say enough good things about Tatem and her crew. Her equipment and experience is top of the line and she runs her set like any professional film or photo shoot. If you book with Tatem you will not be disappointed, as she will not put her name on anything she is not proud of. Spearman Studios is the real deal!” -Amanda

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